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An integrative approach to therapy for adults of all ages.


Binge & restrictive eating

Trauma: Acute or Chronic
Recent traumatic events
Intergenerational trauma
Vicarious trauma
Complex PTSD
Attachment trauma
Workplace trauma
Expat stress

Life & Relationships
Life transitions
Difficulty managing relationships
Work-Life balance

Therapy is work and to do this work, you need safety, and consistency.  My approach to therapy is you centered, it is deep and thought provoking. As a systems therapist, I engage all parts of yourself into the work, namely your relationship with your body, with your environment and with yourself. Together you and I we do mind bending work while centering your cultural identity. As serious as this work is, I also believe that a sense of humor about life is necessary so there will be the occasional giggle when appropriate to help redirect the tension of holding life’s weight. I am so happy that you are ready to make this significant change in your life. Go ahead and request an intake today.

**I am licensed in Maryland and D.C. For clients in the United States, you must be physically present in the states I am licensed to practice.

**For more information about therapy and our Initial intake consultation, click here to download our FAQs and Consultation guide

Fee structure

I am in-network with Carefirst/BCBS
Private Pay or Out-of-Network Plans

15-min Discovery call: $50
60-minute Intake: $250
53-minute session: $200
30-minute session: $100

If you are looking for a therapist but struggling to find the right therapist for you because you are abroad, I can help. As someone who vacillates between the DC metropolitan area, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I am familiar with the challenges many people face when it comes to finding the right-fit therapist willing to see them while living overseas. I am comfortable working with clients outside of the U.S. if regulations in your host country allow it. Please reach out to me and I will research to determine whether or not your host country allows US licensed therapists to provide virtual psychotherapy services to its residents. International clients are on a case-by-case basis. Click here to schedule a discovery call and we’ll take it from there.

Fee structure

International sessions are private pay only

15-min Discovery call: $50
60-minute Intake: $250
53-minute session: $200
30-minute session: $100

Therapy may be your life’s work but let’s face it, Therapy is hard, and Therapy is hard on a Therapist’s posture. How do you do it holding space for all these beautiful souls while also navigating your own stuff? That’s a skill, right? We hear all the time “Therapists need Therapists too, Your Therapist should have a therapist”, while this is true, reality is it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a therapist that is not in your immediate circle and one that is a great fit for you. The DMV is so small. If we see each other at a Happy Hour, a summit or training let’s just agree to whatever feels comfortable for you. I know the frustration and that frustration brought you here. You are a person first with your own stuff just like me and everybody else. Your trauma, stress, relational issues is not different because you’re a therapist. It hits the same just like the rest of us. Request an appointment here.

Fee structure

I am in-network with Carefirst/BCBS
If you are private pay or Out-of-Network, your fee is:
60-minute Intake: $250
53-minute session: $200
30-minute session: $100


Consulting Wellness Packages
Mental Health First Aid Workshop
Company Wellness Retreat

SOS First Aid

A trauma-informed and culturally sensitive training tailored to support the immediate need of your team who may experiencing grievances such as conflict, burn out, withdrawal, collective grief or helplessness due to global stress.
This action-oriented workshop includes:
• In-person skilled based support group targeting core grievances
• Customized worksheets
• Short term EAP follow up with leadership debrief in-person or virtual

Prices vary based on the size of your team
Let’s get to work.

Corporate Consulting

You are curious about taking the necessary steps to creating a company culture that is in alignment with your mission—where people feel safe.
My work includes:
• In-person ongoing training that is culturally affirming and trauma-informed
• Building trust and safety
• Creating a sustainability plan
• Follow up in-person or virtual

Prices vary based on the size of your team
Let’s get started.