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ESTEEM Workbook | e-Book

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Order one hard copy of the ESTEEM WORKBOOK for a chance of winning a personalized bookmark from Haiti.

Order two copies and receive a bookmark plus a headwrap or small artisanal care package from Haiti.

About The Workbook

Have you ever had a day when you felt like you didn’t have one ounce left? Where you felt like life finally got the best of you and won?

ESTEEM is a Restorative Journal, created to help you in these moments. To give you a healthy tool to use. It is also an outlet to express yourself, helping you release pain and negative experiences.

Straight-forward easy read

We say NO to difficult text that are weighted down with unpractical, intellectual based philosophies. This was written with you in mind.

Perfect for busy schedules

You are busy. We know and respect that. That’s why this workbook is designed so that you can use it when you can.

Your Self-Care Can't Wait

Your mind and body pays dearly when you don’t give it self-care. Think of yourself as a flower. If it is not watered or given sunlight it will not thrive.

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