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In the years preceding RAM CIRCLE, I was encountering numerous difficulties professionally. I was searching for something that a job title and salary couldn’t satisfy. Shortly after having my son Rami, I went through a pretty difficult period both with my body and brain. This difficulty would have a profound and transformative effect in my life then and now. I was hurting physically and emotionally. Often I would tell myself: “I don’t want today to be another episode of insurmountable pain”. The story I was telling myself is that I wouldn’t make it, it was too hard. It felt like my body couldn’t sustain this physical and emotional tsunami of an experience.

The most difficult task of healing is honesty which in retrospect I lacked at the time. Recasting the story was one way of acknowledging that left unchecked, this pain could drive me in the darkest hole. At first, I was following the lead of the pain. I noticed a shift when I sought out to develop a greater understanding of myself. With a series of back and forth and at times things overlapping, I started the journey of working towards unification of the parts of myself that were at odds. Attuning to myself was most sustainable when I utilized a set of mindful skills. These skills part of which included story telling gave me the guideline on how to be with my very strong emotions and physical pain. With every mindful skill, I was learning more about my own capacity. I kept a nice rotation of maintenance tools in my container of support. My relationship with my mom who was helping with the baby at the time improved significantly. Years of dense generational suffering slowly begin to heal. I was cultivating a relationship that fueled compassion, understanding, and widening my own ego perspective. I was not to blame for my past hurt and when I finally took the opportunity to recast and attune, the negative energy I inherited could no longer be sustained. We create myths in our heads as part of our trauma response.

The focus here is on cultivating a healing attitude because cultivation implies a cyclic process rather than a destination. This is the story behind RAM CIRCLE. Maybe you feel your story is unknown, vague, lost or scared of your own story. There’s all sort of tensions when you seek for greater understanding. My own personal experience with Brainspotting as a treatment modality has been very effective. Its mantra is “where you look affects how you feel” because when an area of tension is located in your body, healing begins. Your readiness is part of your story so don’t be afraid if you don’t have the words. The work at RAM CIRCLE is to assist you in developing a greater degree of freedom. It is an invitation, not an expectation. It is my hope that this is a place for you to safely sort through it. It is self paced though it is encouraged that you challenge yourself. You have the ability, the how is what we figure out together.


Expert Care


We all want a sense of well-being. When you make the decision to include us in your journey of healing, we partner with you to help you gain a better sense of what’s going on.

We are in tune with the latest research on evidence-based practices and a variety of therapeutic interventions which will help you to identify goals that will lead to doing and feeling better.

We commit to treating you with compassion, dignity, respect, and the highest regard for safe and ethical practice by following our board’s Code of Ethics, and working within the realm of our licensure for mental and behavioral health practice.

  • Evidence-based Practices
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Safe and ethical practice


What To Expect


What should you expect after reaching out? We’ll take your name, email, phone, DOB and chief area of concern.

A link will be sent to you to complete your profile and e-sign the consent forms on the client portal. You will email the front and back copy of your insurance card to billing@ramcircle.com for proper verification of benefits.

Your first intake appointment will last approximately 60 mins, all sessions thereafter are 53 mins long. We are only holding virtual sessions during the covid-19 pandemic. You will receive a secure link to your scheduled virtual appointment. In order to maximize the time allotted for your appointment, we ask that you log in at least 5 minutes early for your first appointment.

We are located in a professional office building in College Park, MD walking distance from the UMD campus. The building has two different entrances. If you enter from the lower side of the building, take the elevator to the second floor, make a left then right and walk to the end of the hall to suite 208. From the other side of the building, you will enter the second floor, walk pass the elevators on your left and make a right. We are at the end of the hall.

We accept the following forms of payment: All credit cards with an American express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard logo including Health Savings Assistance (HSA) cards.

We are in-network with CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna. We will submit superbill for other insurance plans. If you need clarification, please call or email us.

"It’s never just about the events, it’s always about how we look at them and our attitude." - Marjorie


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